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Survey Builder

Configure surveys with advanced firing and display rules. Display surveys on specific pages, target visitors based on technology, randomize responses, design your own firing rules.


Customize the look of surveys based on your branding, select colors and positions for floating buttons. Upload your own custom CSS files to use with surveys.


Build surveys using 15+ question types with additional field types to truly customize your surveys. From simple thumbs up to complex matrix table fields will help you drive insights.


Divide questions into steps, and improve completion rates of your surveys and feedback forms.


All survey assets are served through MaxCDN to ensure consistent network performance and fast survey delivery, no matter where your visitors are.


Configure fields to be mandatory or not in your surveys and receive answers to important questions.


Don't like our buttons? Want to trigger surveys using your own rules? - You can do that too! Design your button and use our convenient JS trigger function.

Mobile Friendly

All surveys and default themes are mobile ready.

Gain Insights from your Visitors

Understanding your visitors feedback has never been easier. Collect responses and review them in the convenient administration panel. Review each response individually or performance of the survey as a whole.

Improve Conversions
Survey Builder

Convenient trend reporting for all active surveys or selected one. Responses per day and weekday metrics.


Export reports in multiple formats JSON or CSV. Download directly from administration panel or email to yourself.


View what technology visitors use on your site, review reports by device type, OS, Browser and more.


Track from where visitors submit responses. Analyze location data for precise insights.

Simple Survey Deployment

No hassle deployment. Include script block once on each page of your site, and configure where your surveys fire from the panel going forward. Our script will create floating buttons for you, no need to code.

Start getting feedback

Apply custom themes

Or design your own!

Review Feedback | Insight Stash
Review Feedback | Insight Stash
Review Feedback | Insight Stash

Still not convinced?

Custom Buttons

Easily customize location, text and color of feedback form launch buttons. All within Insight Stash interface.

Precise Targeting

Identify visitors that should see the feedback forms based on technology, referrers or any other combination of attributes.

You own your data

Totally. If you decide not to continue with our services, you can always fully export the data and request a data purge for your account. ALWAYS.

Add Collaborators

Work on projects together; Invite Collaborators to your account and assign roles to users to better match user needs.


Need even more features? - Add addons and extend feature set of your account.


Launching and troubleshooting surveys have never been more hassle free!

Rest API

Integrate our reporting into your internal services or even Excel.

Sentiment Analysis

We will analyze all of the responses provided by your visitors using our sentiment engine. You will get a quick, holistic view into your visitors' feelings toward your site or service.

Advanced Integrations

If you want to pass additional parameters with each feedback form submission - We've got you covered.

Tag Management

We have tested our script with multiple tag management platforms. It is ready to be deployed.


Switch between tiers anytime you want, and your next bill will be adjusted based on the days left in the current period.

Cookie Tracking

You can also limit number of times a visitor can submit a response to a specific survey or all surveys on your site.

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One Active Survey
One User
Multi Step Forms
Custom Feedback Buttons
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500 Responses per Month
5,000 Email Surveys
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Multi Step Forms
Custom Feedback Buttons
Advanced Feedback Rules
Scheduled Data Exports
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1,000 Responses per Month
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Multi Step Forms
Custom Feedback Buttons
Advanced Feedback Rules
Scheduled Data Exports
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Available addons


Analyze all text fields in your surveys using our AI automatically on the fly. Track sentiment behind hundreds of responses easily.


Design surveys to match your preferred style.

Rest API

Already have a digital reporting, analysis or visualization suite you are used to? - Integrate directly with the REST API addon.


Be precise in targeting your visitors with surveys. Select who will be able to view a survey based on technology, referrer or user agent.

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