Top 5 Uses of Feedback Surveys

Top 5 Uses of Feedback Surveys on Your Site

It's is important to understand all the sides of visitors' experience on your site. You can analyze their behaviour on the site, bounce rate, pages viewed, buttons clicked and funnels completed, but what missing in this approach is a direct response from visitors about your site. What do they think about your products? About site functionality?

You might learn visitors are dropping on page #2 of conversion funnel, however you can only hypothesize why. To fill in the missing piece of the puzzle in understanding your visitors try asking them directly by using on site feedback surveys and feedback forms.

Visitors want to leave their feedback right there, on the page. Like you reading this article and thinking this is the biggest pile of nonsense ever. Go ahead, click on the feedback button on your right and complain to us. Once you leave your feedback we'll try to improve.

1. Customer Experience Surveys

Allowing your customers leave feedback about their experience with your site or service is essential. Not only this allows visitors to rate their experience, but also lets them be part of your team, sort of, by helping you identify weak points in your process or site or funnel. You get feedback, improve, repeat. All for the greater good of better customer experience, higher ROI, and better business results.

2. Testimonial Surveys

Just started with your service and would like to feature reviews by your customers on your landing page, like those other hot startups? No problem, customize your feedback survey to have a textbox, maybe add couple drop downs and rating questions and you are good to go. Total time required for setup - 30 seconds.

3. Funnel Abandonment Surveys

Having trouble with bounce rate on one of your pages? Have already done all possible research and analysis for the page using heatmap, click tracking, funnel flow, and A/B testing, but the bounce rate is still high? Ask your visitors directly, maybe there are problems with your product. A great approach in this situation would be to implement an "exit" survey.

4. Product Input

Launching new product or line of products and would like to get collaborative input about it's design, color or other features from your long term customers? - Great Idea, Kickstart that thing and ask customers directly on the secure account pages using product feedback survey.

5. Unsubscribers

Ask customers why they cancel your service exactly the moment they do. You'll know what to fix and what features to add to ensure this never happens again. If you make your survey extra long, this also might scare couple customers from canceling. Just saying.


Do not be afraid to ask your visitors questions, it will help you and them in the long term. Visitors are very vocal, especially about great and terrible experiences, and you as a site owner need to know about it and listen to feedback.

Use feedback surveys as one of your continuous improvement tools. If you are not sure which on-site survey tool to use, well the choice is clear - use insight stash.