how to create email survey

Send Email Surveys with Insight Stash

Recently Insight Stash has released a new set of features - Email Surveys. It is important to have many continuous improvement feedback channels in your plan. Email surveys allow you to reactivate your customers and receive feedback. This type of feedback will give you insights into why customers did not return.

As any other type of survey, building email surveys is simple with Insight Stash.

1. Email List

Before you can start sending out your surveys to customers, you need to upload an email list. Uploading email list is simple, all you need is a CSV file with an email per line. If you collect more information about your visitors and would like to see it in reporting you can do so, by enabling "Parameters" option. You may include up to 10 extra parameters.

Once responses start pouring in, you will be able to examine parameters of the response in the "meta" field section. Think of parameters as person attributes. They can be age, occupation or purchase made.

We will do our best to clean up email list from duplicates, and scrub against unsubscribers.

Creating Email List

2. Creating Survey

Now is a good time to start creating an email survey. There is no difference in creating email vs regular survey. Head into "Create Survey" section. Now you will simply need to enable "email survey mode" to start creating email section of the survey.

Email Survey Mode

Email surveys are 2 part. First part is the question that is included in the email directly. Response to this question will be always recorded once clicked, and only once per email per deployment. You can edit text in the email the same way you edit the question in regular surveys - by clicking and typing. You should also personalize your email by modifying logo at the top. Simply click on it, and insert link to your company's logo.

Email Survey

There are 4 types of questions available for email section:

  1. Start
  2. NPS Score
  3. Smiley
  4. Thumbs

Select the most appropriate for your question.

If you wish, you can also have the second part of survey displayed, when visitors complete email section. Edit regular survey section as usual per your requirements.

If you do not wish to have survey continuation, ensure all steps are deleted from the survey, and only email section remains. This will ensure no additional questions are asked.

Survey Portion

3. Email Survey Deployment

Now is the time to send configured email survey. Remember you can only send email survey if you have an email list and survey with "email mode" enabled.

Proceed into "Deploy Email Survey" section. This is the final step to complete for email survey deployment. Name your email deployment, select survey you have created from the drop-down menu. Write your subject line. Make Shakespear proud.

Survey Portion

Test deployment, by first sending a test email to yourself. Once you are satisfied with how survey looks and behaves, deploy email survey.

Looking for more ideas? - Sign up and we'll help set up your first survey.