5 surveys to get you started

5 Survey Form Templates to get You Started

The path to continuous improvement of your business is challenging but rewarding. Many approaches for surveying visitors need to be considered. Shooting in the dark and annoying your visitors with pop-up feedback forms on every page is probably not the best idea. To start collecting quality feedback data, initial quantitative research is important. Look into google analytics (or any other web analytics software you might use on your site) data and try to answer the following question: "If I had a chance to improve one and only one problem on my site, what would it be?".

Web analytics data can provide insights into problems. Here are couple examples of things to keep an eye for when researching data:

  • Important site pages that have higher than average bounce rate
  • Conversion funnel rates
  • Page engagement
  • Behavior differences based on traffic source
  • Lower than expected sign in rates

Write down the list of identified opportunities into excel, and try to sort them by priority. We would recommend prioritizing based on lost revenue or cost associated with a problem. The higher the cost, the sooner the problem needs to be addressed.

There is no feedback form that fits all needs and solves all problems. With Insight Stash platform you are in charge of how survey looks, what questions are asked, how the survey behaves and when it fires.

We have compiled a list of 5 most common feedback form templates. Each example comes with detailed instructions and recommendations. You should be able to reuse these surveys for your needs.

One click Feedback

One click feedback form is one of the most simple feedback forms available. This type of feedback is perfect for gauging visitor feelings towards the experience. You will learn if there is a problem with the page. The general rule for this feedback form type is to ask one simple questions, that can be rated positive or negative. For example: "Please rate your experience on our site today". By asking this simple questions we are interested in understanding if the site works well for the audience. Nothing more.

With Insight Stash you can create "One Click Feedback" survey form using 3 types of fields:

  • Star Star rating Survey Field type
  • Thumbs Up/Down Thumbs up Survey Field type
  • Emoji field Emoji Survey Field type

All three provide the most basic visitor experience measurement. Default settings are recommended for this type of feedback survey form. Make sure feedback form is visible and accessible on pages.

Testimonials collection

Testimonial collection is a type of survey that is used to collect your customer reviews about the product or service provided. These reviews can and should be featured on your site. Testimonials sections have shown to improve conversions. We recommend this survey to contain 2 questions: one to rate experience using 5-star field and another for an actual review.

Testimonials Feedback Survey Form Template

Since this type of survey is used to collect experience of your customers, the best approach is to enable it inside a secure environment. This will ensure only customers will be able to complete the survey form.

Visitors Drop off

Pages with high bounce rate are always prime targets for improvements. Understanding the reasons behind high drop offs is essential, unfortunately they are not always clear. Implementing exit web site survey can give you insight into what is wrong with the experience. One thing to keep in mind is that the visitors who will see exit survey have already decided to not extend their experience on the site. They are lost customers, but there is an opportunity to learn and make experience better for future visitors.

Drop off Feedback Survey Form Template

Likelihood of bounce visitors completing a long survey about their experience is low. You should prepare a survey to be easy and fast to complete. We recommend providing a multiple choice field of sections that visitors could have experienced problems with, and a short text field for them to describe the problem. Set the survey to fire on page exit.

Cart abandonment

Cart abandonment survey is very similar to drop off survey but has a unique spin. When visitors abandon shopping cart funnel, it does not necessarily mean that they have bounced from the site. There are many possibilities to why they have decided to not go through with a purchase. The reasons could be: product fit, site security, shipping, payment problems and more.

It is almost impossible to guess the reasons behind cart abandonment, thus free-form feedback is essential. You can try to redirect visitors back to a page of your site or as an alternative pamper them with a discount code.

Cart Abandonment Feedback Survey Form Template

For an improved insight into the cart abandonment reasons pass extra parameters. Including item description or item price in survey responses might uncovered new insights.

Bug hunting form

The bug hunting web survey form is a special type of continuous improvement survey. It allows your visitors to report bugs they experience on the site and report the exact location of the bug back to you. Create a survey form with experience rating, bug description and element highlighter fields. Combination of those will allow precise bug reporting.

Bug Reporting Feedback Survey Form Template

We recommend a more subtle launch option for this survey. "Report a bug" button in the footer section of each page should do the trick.

Getting feedback is essential in improving the experience of your customers with the service. Learn, Analyze, Improve, Repeat.

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